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Past shows

Past shows at the Trafalgar Studios


Oresteia A never to be forgotten theatrical experience. A huge, moving, bloody saga, the original of all family dramas, Aeschylus' greatest and final play asks whether justice can ever be done?

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Ticking From BAFTA nominated writer and director Paul Andrew Williams comes gripping new play Ticking. Ticking is a gripping and powerful piece of new writing from acclaimed writer and director Paul Andrew Williams (London to Brighton, Song For Marion, Murdered By My Boyfriend). Tense, punchy and unflinching, the audience is thrust into the world of the Baron family as they struggle with the knowledge that death by firing squad may be just around the corner.

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Mouthful Sebastian (Harry Lister-Smith) is travelling halfway around the world to find his steak-loving friend who’s missing in Nigeria, while Rashida (Alisha Bailey) just wants to eat her bar of chocolate in peace. GoGo is sacrificing everything for a glass of water and Erica’s trying to win round her daughter’s affections with a rare delicacy – the last potato. But whatever you do don’t try one of Ruth’s carrots…

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My Children! My Africa!

My Children! My Africa! Two opposing forces struggle for the soul of Thami, a young, brilliant black man. His teacher insists that education, even the inferior "Bantu" education he is forced to teach, is the way to liberation. But Thami has begun to listen to angrier voices...

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As is

As is New York City, 1985. Rich (Steven Webb), a young writer who is beginning to find success, is breaking up with his longtime lover, Saul (David Poynor), a professional photographer. However, Rich's idyll with his new lover is short-lived when he learns that he has contracted the terrifying new disease AIDS and he returns to Saul for sanctuary as he awaits its slow and awful progress.

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Stop! - The Play

Stop! - The Play The first half is set in the rehearsal room, as five neurotic actors, one inexperienced director and an overworked stage manager, battle with the task of mounting what is surely the world’s most terrible play. The second half is the hysterically chaotic first night.

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James Freedman: Man of Steal

James Freedman: Man of Steal Funny and fast-fingered, this unique and extraordinary show exposes how the bad guys really work, sharing a life-time spent studying hustlers, street criminals and con-men. Hailed a genius in his field by Derren Brown, stealth-crime expert James Freedman is the only man to have picked the pockets of the Mayor of London, the Chancellor and the Governor of the Bank of England.

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Bomber's Moon

Bomber's Moon Direct from a critically acclaimed run at Park Theatre, Bombers Moon transfers to the West End for a strictly limited run this April and May. Former RAF gunner Jimmy finds his routine disrupted when sensitive care assistant David arrives – and his cantankerous outlook and colourful language seem to be more than David can handle.

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Golem Direct from a sensational season at the Young Vic , Golem, created by 1927 transfers to the West End for a strictly limited run this April and May.

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The Father

The Father An uneasy stand off exists between the Captain and his wife, Laura. But, a disagreement over the future of their daughter,Bertha, triggers an all out-war. 

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Boa Harriet Walter, Guy Paul, In Boa, a new play by Clara Brennan. Directed by Hannah Price.

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Donkey Heart

Donkey Heart "What's a free telephone, when there are no private words?"  An all star team includes director Nina Raine (TMA Best Director Award) and lighting designer Peter Mumford (Double Award Winner).

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The Ruling Class

The Ruling Class BAFTA Award-winning James McAvoy (Filth, X-Men) returns to Trafalgar Transformed, following his Olivier-nominated, critically acclaimed performance in Macbeth. Jack, a possible paranoid schizophrenic with a Messiah complex, inherits the title of the 14th Earl of Gurney after his father passes away in a bizarre accident. Singularly unsuited to a life in the upper echelons of elite society, Jack finds himself at the centre of a ruthless power struggle as his scheming family strives to uphold their reputation.

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Sikes & Nancy

Sikes & Nancy ikes & Nancy, a play adapted and performed by James Swanton based on the legendary reading Dickens himself used to give. Swanton, dressed entirely in black, enacts the compellingly and terrible story of Dickens most famous murder. 

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Miss Havisham's Expectations

Miss Havisham's Expectations Award-winning actress Linda Marlowe stars in Miss Havisham's Expectations as the iconic jilted bride "Norma" Havisham. forever in her wedding dress alongside the stopped clock and untouched cake. Prepare to be amazed as she invites us to share her side of the story - a tale of passion, vengeance and more than a little magic. 

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The Trials Of Oscar Wilde

The Trials Of Oscar Wilde A thrilling dramatisation of the libel and criminal trials of Oscar Wilde by his grandson Merlin Holland and John O'Connor. " A sell out success. John Gorick is a beguiling Wilde in a smart play that reveals the establishment at its worst." The Observer. 

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Not About Heroes

Not About Heroes An exquisite exploration of courage, of humanity and a timeless celebration of friendship set against the brutality of war.  See it for poetry in action, you will not be disappointed. The Guardian (FTP 2007 tour) 

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Land Of Our Fathers

Land Of Our Fathers Starring Clive Merrison (The Histories Boys) Chris Urch's critically acclaimed debut play is packed full of blistering comedy and a generation of lost voices (Time Out's Critic's Choice and Fringe Show Of The Year 2013)  "Chris is brilliant talent. He could become the British Tennessee Williams. Hold on to your seats, audiences, this is the real thing!", Howard Brenton.

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Dessa Rose

Dessa Rose This powerful and moving story, set in 1846 in the ante-bellum South, follows two young women on their journey to acceptance. With elements of blues, folk, hymns and gospel, Dessa Rose perfectly blends history and fiction. The storytelling for which Ahrens and Flaherty are most famous is masterfully exhibited throughout. Passionate and innocent Dessa Rose is a young slave faced with a barrage of hardships because of the colour of her skin. While Ruth, a young white mother, faces difficulties because of her gender. 

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A Handful Of Stars

A Handful Of Stars In the Irish town of Wexford where "Shot-gun" weddings are outnumbered only by random acts of violence the pool hall is Jimmy's sanctuary. But will such as place embrace his bright ambition or bring it down, burning to the ground?

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