Trafalgar Studios Seating Plan

The small, neat and intimate Trafalgar Studios One offers just one steeply-sloping tier which includes rows AA to Q, a maximum of 31 seats wide and offering just under 400 seats.

Taking up the dress circle area of the building, the seating plan changes regularly depending what’s showing there. The legroom is limited in many seats with the worst offenders being rows H and J, although they both offer good views of the stage. Because the seating curves, all the seats except those in the front row have seats in front of them, so your views can be obscured if you’re sitting behind someone tall.

There’s particularly generous legroom on the front row and on the side aisle at row E, with legroom in general pretty reasonable.

The second studio, Trafalgar Studios 2, occupies the stalls and holds just 100 people in four rows of seats around a floor-level stage. From the foyer there are 25 steps down then 10 more up to the main auditorium.